BSP Reporting Calendar

2009 Spain


Reporting Period Agent Submission Date

(14:00 o'clock)

Billing date Agent Remittance
(12:00 o'clock)
1 01-Jan-09 07-Jan-09 N/A    
2 08-Jan-09 15-Jan-09 N/A    
3 16-Jan-09 23-Jan-09 N/A    
4 24-Jan-09 31-Jan-09 N/A 05/02/2009 16-Feb-09
1 01-Feb-09 07-Feb-09 N/A    
2 08-Feb-09 15-Feb-09 N/A    
3 16-Feb-09 23-Feb-09 N/A    
4 24-Feb-09 28-Feb-09 N/A 05/03/2009 16-Mar-09
1 01-Mar-09 07-Mar-09 N/A    
2 08-Mar-09 15-Mar-09 N/A    
3 16-Mar-09 23-Mar-09 N/A    
4 24-Mar-09 31-Mar-09 N/A 05/04/2009 15-Apr-09
1 01-Apr-09 07-Apr-09 N/A    
2 08-Apr-09 15-Apr-09 N/A    
3 16-Apr-09 23-Apr-09 N/A    
4 24-Apr-09 30-Apr-09 N/A 05/05/2009 18-May-09
1 01-May-09 07-May-09 N/A    
2 08-May-09 15-May-09 N/A    
3 16-May-09 23-May-09 N/A    
4 24-May-09 31-May-09 N/A 05/06/2009 15-Jun-09
1 01-Jun-09 07-Jun-09 N/A    
2 08-Jun-09 15-Jun-09 N/A    
3 16-Jun-09 23-Jun-09 N/A    
4 24-Jun-09 30-Jun-09 N/A 05/07/2009 15-Jul-09
1 01-Jul-09 07-Jul-09 N/A    
2 08-Jul-09 15-Jul-09 N/A    
3 16-Jul-09 23-Jul-09 N/A    
4 24-Jul-09 31-Jul-09 N/A 05/08/2009 17-Aug-09
1 01-Aug-09 07-Aug-09 N/A    
2 08-Aug-09 15-Aug-09 N/A    
3 16-Aug-09 23-Aug-09 N/A    
4 24-Aug-09 31-Aug-09 N/A 05/09/2009 15-Sep-09
1 01-Sep-09 07-Sep-09 N/A    
2 08-Sep-09 15-Sep-09 N/A    
3 16-Sep-09 23-Sep-09 N/A    
4 24-Sep-09 30-Sep-09 N/A 06/10/2009 15-Oct-09
1 01-Oct-09 07-Oct-09 N/A    
2 08-Oct-09 15-Oct-09 N/A    
3 16-Oct-09 23-Oct-09 N/A    
4 24-Oct-09 31-Oct-09 N/A 05/11/2009 16-Nov-09
1 01-Nov-09 07-Nov-09 N/A    
2 08-Nov-09 15-Nov-09 N/A    
3 16-Nov-09 23-Nov-09 N/A    
4 24-Nov-09 30-Nov-09 N/A 05/12/2009 15-Dec-09
1 01-Dec-09 07-Dec-09 N/A    
2 08-Dec-09 15-Dec-09 N/A    
3 16-Dec-09 23-Dec-09 N/A    
4 24-Dec-09 31-Dec-09 N/A 05/01/2010 15-Jan-10


Reporting Period: Shows the start and end date for the Reporting Period, in the format DD-MMM-YY.

Submission Date: The last date that the DPC can receive documents for sorting. The following alternatives exist:

  • AGENT SUBMISSION DATE means the close of business on the date by which Sales Transmittals must be received by the DPC, as determined by ISS Management. When the DPC is closed for business on such a day, the submission date will be the first subsequent day on which the DPC is open for business. (Local variations of this definitions exist);
  • AGENT MAILING DATE means that reporting envelope for the respective Reporting Period must be stamped no later than this date (the postal office stamp is valid proof of envelope being sent in due time).

Billing Date: The date (in the format DD-MMM-YY) on which the DPC must produce billings to agents and airlines, according to data submitted by means of the Sales Transmittals and data reported by the GDSs. This includes:

  • all files being available on BSPlink;
  • all HOTs being available for the end user (airline, agent, BSPlink), including the 'Final' HOT for Daily HOT subscribers;
  • all EFT files being dispatched to the Clearing Banks

Agent Settlement Date: Means the Clearing Bank's close of business on the latest value date by which the Agent's remittance must reach the Clearing Bank or, in cases where authorized by the Passenger Sales Agency Rules, the value date on which the clearing bank debits the agent's bank account preconditioned transfer is same value date.

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